Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Long Overdue...

Long overdue post.  
Welcome Hank Monroe Hatch!
Born July 24th 2012 
7lbs 3oz.  19 3/4"  
He is such an AWESOME baby.  
We all LOVE him to pieces.
* he is 4 weeks old in this picture

Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandma Schumann

Mom Celebrated her 59th Birthday on Saturday.  We went out to Beaumont Beach with a good chunk of her grandchildren and played, ate and froze and then melted.  
When we arrived at the beach it was windy and cold.  But as the hours passed the  wind stopped and the sun came out.  It ended up being gorgeous.  We love you Mom/Grandma!
 Auntie Koe and Kylee and Zach are up for a long visit.  It has been so much FUN!
 Kylee and Zach are LOVING the sand.  They are also loving their freedom that "Country Life" affords them.  

Emmett and Zach waiting for lunch.  Emmett is not impressed to be contained for a second.  

Charity, so cute in the Goggles!

Kayleb taking a spin the Kayak!
Emmett and Daddy
2 Weeks and counting...  Can't wait to meet our Little Hank the Tank!
Thayne and Tripp playing in the ICE WATER!

Jaxson and Kylee playing in the "HOTTUB"
Emmett going on a Kayak ride with Daddy!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


 Kayleb and I just got back from his school trip to Barkerville BC.
 It is a Historic Gold Rush town turned into a "Living Museum"  This is a picture of Kayleb and his group riding on a Stagecoach.  Kayleb is on top with the red hat on.
 Kayleb and Brody taking a break at the yummy bakery.  Both have their massive Jawbreakers in hand...  Below is a picture of us in the General store buying candies. Mmmmmmmm!

 We stayed the night in the gym of a nearby school.  Interesting experience, but better than I thought it would be.
 Kayleb panning for GOLD!

China Town Tour

Monday, May 21, 2012

Cobb Lake First Camping of 2012

So we decided that we should probably get a camping trip in before it got to too close to the big DUE DATE!  This past weekend was "Victoria Day" Long Weekend.  We hooked up with one of our "Camping Partners" as the other "Camping Partners" are in Idaho camping.  We tried out a lake that was close to home, about 40 mins away.  We went to Cobb Lake.  It was lots of work to get things all ready and get on our way.  We left on Thursday evening when Luke got home from work.  We met our friends, The Lybbert's out there.   
 Emmett thought the tent trailer was pretty cool.
 The kids sitting around eating a snack.  The two daddy's went in to work on Friday so the Mommy's were out with all 8 kids alone...
 We actually woke up to SNOW!  Crazy weather proceeded to manifest ALL day.  Snow, Hail, Rain, Wind, Sun, over and over all day.  The kids played on the Trampoline, Exlored the Forest, Rode Bikes and Ate.
 There is a fun tree on the road in to the camp with boots and shoes nailed to it.  Must be all the stuff abandoned over the years.
 Snuggling as we get ready to go to bed.

 Luke cleaning the Dutch oven after a Yummy Pineapple Upside Down Cake.
 Getting ready to go out on the Boat and go Fishing.
 The Daddy's take the two "little boys" out for a ride.

 The "big kids" go out.
 Tripp Throwing Rocks.
 Thayne and Kade going out on the Kayak.

 Kayleb is a "Pro-Kayaker"
 Daddy catches the first fish.
 Emmett loves the Camera!
 Playing with some Sparklers on our last night.

 Emmett took 4 Naps a day instead of his usual 2.  All the fresh air and walking wore him out.

 All packed up and headed home.
Till next time...